IMG_2339_1Just catching up on my days here. Some things just want to be written. They fester inside until they are ready to come out. Could be years, days, or months. Could be a lifetime. My Day as I Finally Know It.

I used to work in the financial services industry and was stalked by my former financial services employer.  Such service! He wanted me to think I was crazy. But I didn’t. So then some of the things he said were “She can’t prove it.””She’s the type that thinks nothing will happen to her.” “She could report us but we know where she lives.” “We’ve got a line on her.”   He started showing up around my apartment building and other places where I was.

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1 Response to Stalked

  1. JenL says:

    Quois? If you mean what I think you mean, better break out the yodeling records or take up the violin. Happy Thanksgiving, hope you have a wonderful day.

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