Sauvignon Blanc and Me – It’s a Date

I had a late lunch today around 4:00 p.m. and a very nice glass of Sauvignon blanc decided to join me. I was having a very uneventful day (like most of my days lately), so I decided to treat myself, and spontaneously stopped into a café I had wanted to go to for quite a while now. I ordered lunch to go.

A handsome young man took my order. He joked about the small portion size. He made me laugh. He smiled a charming smile. He offered me a complimentary beverage while I waited for my order. I suggested he choose the wine for me.

As I drank the wine I noticed the wonderful looking scones and muffins in the bakery section. “Those scones are huge” I said to the handsome young man. “Then one shall be yours” and he chose an apricot ginger scone and presented it to me complimentary. I felt like I was on a date.

A few minutes later he brought me my order. I smiled and thanked the lovely man while I really wanted to kiss him and give him a nice hug. (I haven’t been on a date in a while.)

I then walked a few blocks and found a lovely outdoor area complete with benches and a beautiful fountain.

I chose a bench in the shade. My sandwich of melted brie and warm pear slices with red wine onions on a delicious raisin nut bread was heavenly. The garlic fries were so garlicky I almost exploded. I should have got the baby greens.

Since the Sauvignon blanc was so wonderful and I was still floating when I came home from lunch I decided to have another glass of wine to keep the feeling going.

This glass of wine was a cheap red wine that had sat in my refrigerator for a while and after I drank it I became very drowsy and very sad. Not the nice wonderful floating feeling from the Sauvignon blanc. I regret having that second glass.

I lost my energy and became lethargic and moody. I started googling names from failed romances whom I lost contact with so long ago. I became even more sad as I regretted the relationships that ended and I soon became bored and sleepy. But I fought the sleepiness and the headache that kicked in, and got the bright idea to write a post for my blog and so this is what I wrote.

This wine is really getting to me. Now all I want to do is sleep….I’ll probably get a WUI for writing under the influence….

Mimi Braasch
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7 Responses to Sauvignon Blanc and Me – It’s a Date

  1. Martha says:

    I really enjoyed this post. I also want one of those sandwiches.

  2. JenL says:

    Wonderful post, sounds like a lovely day. The sandwich,the fountain, the handsome young guy, the first glass of vino. Then the sour grapes of later. At least there was no ‘drunk dialing’

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  4. The best ever !!! This blog is of course terrific.

  5. Margo B. says:

    I noticed sauvignon blanc and me-its a date is pretty kool.

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