Code Red

Today I received an email from a “Nigerian computer scientist.“ She wants my banking info and she wants to keep it a secret. She suggested we communicate by telephone. Doesn’t she know my home phone has been tapped by the FBI along with my cell phone and my apartment? So she can forget about any secret communication by telephone.

And she can forget about any confidential email correspondence. Someone hacked in to my personal computer and read my emails and my personal and creative writing. And they checked out what websites I go to and my google searches. Seriously.

Who was it? The computer hackers who hacked into Google and Sony? I don’t think so.

Anyway, so no way do we have any secrecy Miss Nigerian computer scientist.

Not only that but my neighbor is a plant. Pellicano had someone move in next door to me. If I’m not careful he will start following me around again. Oh wait, I forgot, Pellicano is in prison. Hmmm…who are they using now to follow me around and to trace my phone calls and to find out who I am talking to?

They know where I live Miss Nigerian computer scientist so NO you can not run away from your country and meet me here.

So I’m sorry to say Miss Nigerian computer scientist, you will not be able to transfer your funds in secret to my account. Maybe you could work for Bernie Madoff. Oh wait — he’s in prison. Hmmm…maybe you could get a job with my former employer. Oh wait — he’s in prison too. Hmmm…maybe you could get a job on Wall Street…

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11 Responses to Code Red

  1. JenL says:

    OMG and the tricksters just keep on comin’. What a rogue’s gallery of the criminal, the cruel,
    the comical and the off the charts shady and nefarious. By plant I know you’re probably not talking about the
    green kind in a pot next door….Miss Nigeria seems like a picnic compared to the others.

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  10. Good stuff I’ve bookmarked this in Digg under “Code Red | My Day As I Know It”. Cheers!

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