Smoke Ring

Lit Cigarette with some smoke around.

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My neighbor saw me in my pajamas. He was outside smoking a cigarette. My cat slipped out under the fence again, so I had to go outside and walk around to the other side of the fence to get her. And I was in my pajamas.

Through the puffs of smoke I heard “Why don’t we go out sometime?” I almost choked from the cigarette smoke. He’s married. Cigarette smoke is bad for you. Seriously.

I told her not to go under the fence! She didn’t listen. She knows she was bad. And now I’m not talking to her. Bad kitty.

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4 Responses to Smoke Ring

  1. Martha says:

    What a !@#! … Well, hopefully, you were wearing a flannel nightgown.

  2. leftofdeth says:

    ha ha. Great Story! 🙂

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