Someone stold my photo so I started a blog. I posted the photo on a specific website for a specific purpose and within a few days another website snatched it. Adios exclusive photo.

This is the picture:

(c) Copyright 2005

I took this photo when I worked on the television show Gilmore Girls. I only have two acting credits — so I don’t really know why it was stolen. The photo is six years old. So when I created this blog and posted my photo on my blog I felt empowered.  I am not on facebook, twitter, or myspace, and I am not a member of mylife, or any other social network site so it was shocking to me to find the photo stolen.

It’s official, this is my faceblogtwitterspace.  Maybe I should join facebook….

Mimi Braasch

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3 Responses to Blogged

  1. Martha says:

    How did you realize that your photo had been stolen?

    • Mimi Braasch says:

      I did a Google search on my name and discovered a website with my copyrighted photo on it! I freaked. How did my photo end up on an unauthorized website? They hijacked it! What were they going to use my photo for and where else was it going to end up?? So I took my power back and posted my photo on my blog.

      • Jennifer L says:

        Wow strange weather! Very pretty picture, a shame it got into the wrong hands. ‘Agent Brian?’ Oh sure, the FBI is emailing people now. Reminds me of those people who pretend to be the IRS, then try to get all the goods on you via email. So much of life is about not getting tricked. But things like this sometimes have you going for a minute or two. As for the rude boys who stole your picture- a hot dog with pins stuck in every inch of it would be a fitting mock-voodoo punishment. Seriously, it can’t be fun to have that happen.

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